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Migraine Food Sensitivity Intensive

If your list of “migraine-safe” foods keeps getting shorter, it’s time to try a new diet approach. 

This mini-program features a patented blood test so we can get a look at your actual unique migraine food triggers and build an evidence-based eating plan to prevent attacks.

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Frustrated with "migraine diets"?

You’ve probably been told to cut out a long list of foods to prevent migraine. And it isn’t your fault, you’ve been repeatedly told that so many foods are “dangerous” for your head.

Do you hesitate to eat anything you haven’t prepared yourself?

Do you have an ever-shrinking list of “safe” foods?

In the Migraine Food Sensitivity Intensive, we leave behind the days of constantly stressing over food, and instead build a sustainable eating plan that focuses on what we can include on your plate to still prevent migraine.

I’ve been where you are! My first migraine attack began when I was just 10 years old, and know what it is to forget what pain freedom feels like.

As someone who has lived with migraine my whole life, I can relate to what you’re going through AND I have the solutions to help you maximize your pain-free days.

Kacie Ferguson RDN LD CLT

Migraine Nutritionist

Test, don't guess

Why Food Sensitivity Testing?

Identifying migraine food triggers on your own can be challenging because:

  • ANY food can be a migraine trigger.
  • Reactions are dose-dependent.
  • You may not feel symptoms for up to 72 hours after consuming the trigger food.

You get to skip all the tedious work and get a clear explanation of your unique triggers!

What you'll gain!

Clear understanding of diet triggers

You’ll have a full interpretation of your test results and discover how your unique sensitivities cause symptoms.

Overall nutrition education and support

You’ll receive support to assure your eating plan is sustainable, balanced, nutritious and overall dietitian-approved.

Effective migraine prevention

By tackling nutrition and diet triggers, you strengthen your migraine threshold, preventing future attacks!

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What does the intensive cover?

MRT Food Sensitivity Testing

After completing the blood test, the Migraine Nutritionist virtually meets with you to review your results.

Customized Elimination Diet

You're given a dietitian-approved diet plan that eliminates all potential food triggers.

Inclusive Reintroduction Plan

With the guidance of the Migraine Nutritionist, you're given a reintroduction plan to confirm food triggers.

Functional testing

MRT Food Sensitivity

This program features a patented blood test and evidence-based eating plan to manage chronic illnesses such as migraine and chronic headache disorders.

Instead of guessing your way into a long list of “trigger foods”, learn your specific and unique food sensitivities!

Using your test’s results, build an individualized diet plan that includes an elimination diet and guide to reintroducing as many foods as possible.

Learn more about how food sensitivities may be impacting your migraine.

Flexible Payment Plans

Get started now with a variety of payment plans:

  • Full $850
  • 2 monthly payments of $425

Are you ready to discover migraine relief?

In case you're wondering...

Frequently Asked Questions

MEND is completely individualized, making it a great fit for anyone ready to use holistic strategies for migraine care!

To make sure we’ll make a good team, fill out the coaching application – and we’ll chat about any questions you have. 🙂

Unfortunately this program is not available to clients outside of the USA.

I can still support you though – check out my MEND Method, which is available internationally.

The program is entirely virtual! I want my clients to have high-touch support and get questions answered quickly, so coaching includes:

  • in-depth video calls every 2 weeks
  • email support as needed
  • instant voice/text messaging as needed


I help you find a lab near you to get your blood drawn from, but I don’t control the lab’s pricing. There may be some additional fees included when you go to a lab for your blood draw. 

No, but I strive to provide fair pricing since I know paying out of pocket can be a barrier!

Absolutely! For the Migraine Food Sensitivity Intensive, I offer payment plans of:

  • 2 months at $425

If you need additional flexibility, we can discuss an individualized plan.

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