3-month migraine coaching

The MEND Method

In MEND, we focus on Mindfulness, Exercise, Nurture, and Diet to strengthen your threshold against migraine for much-needed relief.

Get back in the driver’s seat and re-gain control over your health through accessible, enjoyable holistic strategies – which includes a food sensitivity blood test and individualized elimination diet.

about MEND

Ready for reliable migraine relief?

Migraine is COMPLICATED. This chronic disease is often misunderstood, and there’s a bottomless pit of misinformation online.

How much time have you spent on google searching for a path to relief?

How many useless “remedies” have you wasted your time and money on?

Skip the heartbreak and disappointment in trying quick fixes that don’t work. Working in MEND, you get trustworthy and effective migraine-fighting strategies.

I’ve been where you are! My first migraine attack began when I was just 10 years old, and know what it is to forget what pain freedom feels like.

As someone who has lived with migraine my whole life, I can relate to what you’re going through AND I have the solutions to help you maximize your pain-free days.

Kacie Ferguson RDN LD CLT

Migraine Nutritionist

migraine is not one-size-fits-all


If you’ve struggled with migraine for a while, it might feel like nobody understands or that you’ll never find a sustainable way to make life with migraine more manageable.

Here’s how the MEND Method is different…

  • We combine your medical approach with powerful complementary lifestyle & diet strategies for optimal results.
  • All of the strategies are completely customizable, allowing you to have full control over your migraine prevention.
  • You’re consistently supported for several months to discover what’s truly effective in giving you more pain-free days.

What to expect...

Clarity around your triggers

You gain strategies to identify your unique set of migraine triggers including a food sensitivity test and a guide to migraine tracking.

Effective migraine prevention plan

We work to improve your migraine threshold, making you more resistant to your triggers to have less frequent attacks.

Trustworthy migraine relief strategy

We build a holistic migraine relief plan that you can turn to, in addition to your medication, to effectively alleviate symptoms.

topics and features

What does MEND cover?

Nutrition Support

Discover a low-effort, gentle nutrition strategy that keeps you satisfied without triggering attacks.

Migraine-Fighting Habits

Build routines/rituals that effectively prevent migraine and make you feel your best!

Major Self-Love & Self-Care

Learn coping strategies for your chronic symptoms and become empowered to put yourself first.

bonus - food trigger testing

MRT Food Sensitivity

This program features a patented blood test and evidence-based eating plan to manage chronic illnesses such as migraine and chronic headache disorders.

Instead of guessing your way into a long list of “trigger foods”, learn your specific and unique food sensitivities!

Using your test’s results, build an individualized diet plan that includes an elimination diet and guide to reintroducing as many foods as possible.

Learn more about how food sensitivities may be impacting your migraine.

*Note, this feature is unfortunately not available for clients outside of the USA.

Flexible Payment Plans

Get started now with a variety of payment plans:

  • Full $1650
  • 3 monthly payments of $550
  • 4 monthly payments of $412.50

Are you ready to discover migraine relief?

In case you're wondering...

Frequently Asked Questions

MEND is completely individualized, making it a great fit for anyone ready to use holistic strategies for migraine care!

To make sure we’ll make a good team, fill out the coaching application – and we’ll chat about any questions you have. 🙂

Absolutely! As a virtual migraine health coach, I work with clients all over the world!

The MRT food sensitivity test is unfortunately not available to clients outside of the USA.

The program is entirely virtual! I want my clients to have high-touch support and get questions answered quickly, so coaching includes:

  • in-depth video calls every 2 weeks
  • email support as needed
  • instant voice/text messaging as needed

For clients in the USA, you may have the MRT Food Sensitivity test to identify your food triggers!

I help you find a lab near you to get your blood drawn from, but I don’t control the lab’s pricing. There may be some additional fees included when you go to a lab for your blood draw. 

No, but I strive to provide fair pricing since I know paying out of pocket can be a barrier!

Absolutely! For MEND, I offer payment plans of:

  • 3 months at $550
  • 4 months at $412.50

If you need additional flexibility, we can discuss an individualized plan.

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