Fluorescent Light Solutions For Migraine

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Hey there, fellow migraine warrior and hater of fluorescent lighting!

Today we’re diving into the topic of light sensitivity, also known as photophobia, and how to accommodate your environment for less pain.

Read on for some illuminating solutions to help you manage light sensitivity.

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Light Sensitivity

Light sensitivity, or photophobia, is a frequent companion of migraine attacks.

It goes beyond discomfort with bright lights; it’s like the sun is stabbing your eyes.

I’ve been known to wear sunglasses at night, just to brave seeing occasional streetlights and car headlights.

Fluorescent Lighting: The Arch Nemesis

Ah, fluorescent lighting – the bane of our existence.

They’re widely used in offices, supermarkets, and more. While it might be an “efficient” energy-saving method to brighten up spaces, for those of us with light sensitivity, it’s highly irritating.

Migraine brains struggle with changes in our environment. The flickering, buzzing, and harsh glare can create a perfect storm to trigger migraine attacks.

Lighting Accommodation Solutions

Now, onto the good stuff – building a more comfortable and migraine-friendly environment.

General tools

Equip yourself with the basics:

At home

Swap out harsh lighting fixtures for more soothing alternatives:

In the office

Advocate for reasonable accommodations in the workplace, which is your right by law in the United States per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Options for lighting accommodations may include:

  • Telework options
  • Installing filters in fluorescent fixtures
  • Using floor-to-ceiling cubicle walls to block overhead lighting


When venturing outdoors, protect yourself:

  • Avoid peak sun hours
  • Take frequent indoor breaks
  • Window tinting on car windows


Opt for options that minimize exposure to retail lighting:

  • Online shopping
  • In-store pickup


By understanding the role of fluorescent lights in triggering migraine attacks and embracing alternative lighting solutions, you can take proactive steps to ease your light sensitivity and boost your comfort.

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