Migraine Guilt

If you live with migraine, you KNOW the guilt of not doing enough, not being enough, or of holding people around you back. Today I’d like to share a personal story with you about how migraine made me feel like the worst girlfriend ever, but also how to work through migraine guilt so you don’t […]

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Medication Adaptation Headache

Medication Adaptation Headache is an incredibly frustrating and debilitating experience. In this article, we will define Medication Adaptation Headache, discover medication guidelines, how medication contributes to chronification of migraine, and ways to get out of this cycle. What is it? Medication Overuse Headache is a medical diagnosis given to people with headache disorders experiencing 15+

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Food Triggers & Migraine

Have you been given the dreaded list of migraine food triggers? It’s like… a mile long and includes everything you have ever loved? View this post on Instagram A post shared by Kacie Ferguson | Migraine RDN (@migraine.nutritionist) Yeah, me too. Rolled my eyes, put it in a file, never touched it again. But now

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