Meet Kacie

about me

Hey, I’m Kacie – your migraine management guru, here to help you navigate migraine triggers, relief, prevention, and so much more.

I get you, because I AM you.

As someone who has lived with migraine my whole life, I understand firsthand the ups and downs of this journey.

Drawing from my personal journey from constant chronic pain to embracing a fuller, freer life with migraine, alongside my expertise as a migraine coach and RDN, I’m dedicated to guiding you towards relief and empowerment.

Professional Experience

RDNs are food & nutrition experts who have completed extensive coursework and supervised practice through accredited universities and programs. RDNs must also pass a national exam and complete continuing education requirements.

CLTs receive additional clinical training in managing adverse food reactions through a patented blood test and evidence-based eating plan to manage chronic illnesses such as migraine and chronic headache disorders.

My Philosophy

You deserve to soak up your pain-free days and stop living in fear of your next attack.

You deserve to make plans without stressing that migraine may ruin them.

You deserve to live a more full life instead of the small box migraine has been forcing you into.

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