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Meet the Migraine Nutritionist!

Hello friend! I’m Kacie, the founder of “Migraine Nutritionist“.

The world of headache disorders has been intriguing to me since I got my first migraine attack at just 10 years old. I’ve experienced the full range of migraine disease – from barely noticeable, infrequent attacks to debilitating daily pain.

Migraine has been a life-long battle for me, and I want to properly arm you for your own migraine battle.

While medication is an essential aspect of managing migraine, (this took me years to accept!) addressing lifestyle and diet can be life-changing. I have seen this both first-hand in myself and within my clients.

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From my migraine experience, I was drawn to study more about health and the human body. I discovered my love for nutrition and became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). [Click here] to learn more about what an RDN is and what my educational background entails.

I have a passion for educating people about migraine and providing resources for people with migraine. Stay in touch with me to keep learning about migraine!

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